Gangsta - Real CJ

GangstaReal CJ

Quotable Lyrics:
Real street ni**a never sold my soul
I never snitched so no I never told
When you from where I’m from you stick to the code
I keep it silent ni**as know I never fold

I’m gangsta try me you get shot
Middle finger to the f**king opps
Ni**as know that I’m gangsta

Ask about me ’round the block
Ni**as know I’m solid as a rock

Started off trapping, know a ni**a rapping
I was, gripping automatic so much sh*t that could’ve happened
As a kid I was traumatized, hate seeing my momma cry

Chasing all these ‘dolla signs while seeing all these homicides
I been around the block uh never told the cops uh
checking temperatures cause ni**a I be moving hot

How you think it feel for your best man to switch up on you?
How you think it feel knowing the opps wanna creep up on you?
How you think it feel everyday you gotta keep it on you?

Waking motherf**kers up you’re tired of ni**as sleeping on you
Tryna move onto the better things, move to where the weather change
I know a plug that sent her things how you expect me to stay the same?