DUKE SKYWALKER - Duke Deuce,GANGSTA PARTY - Duke Deuce Feat. Offset

GANGSTA PARTYDuke Deuce Feat. Offset

Quotable Lyrics:

(Hey, woo)

I see red, uh (Red)
Fifty racks on yo’ head (Fifty)
Drako get to shaking like dreads (Drako)
We go retarded, go spin (Retarded)
I f**ked a thottie on meds (Thottie)

Serving narcotics, we ducking the feds (Narc)
Spinin’ ya’ block and they know how I play it (Whoop)
Walk with the choppa, wood grain like a peg (Brra)
Boy you ain’t gangsta, you talk to the feds (Gangsta)