Gangsta Boo - Ice Spice, Lil Tjay

Gangsta BooIce Spice, Lil Tjay

Quotable Lyrics:
A baddie gon’ get what she like (Grrah)
So what’s your sign ’cause I like you? (Like)
Got a place we can stay for the night
but I’m too shy to invite you (Grrah)

You got a gangsta vibe (Vibe)
And I want a gangsta boo (Boo)
One of the dangerous kind (Grrah)
I’m tryna see how a gangsta move

He never worry ’bout no exes
All on my body, I’m the bestest
Diamonds keep dancin’ on my necklace
B*tches stay mad just like the rest is (Grrah)
On Fordham, my drip was a scene (Facts)
Hit up Benny when I need a chain (Like)
Made it out soon as I got fame (Grrah)

Walkin’ past and they yellin’ my name, damn (Damn)
Like they goin’ cool (Gon’ cool)
I’m a fan but I’m keepin’ my cool (Keepin’ my cool)
And I like it when you call me boo (My boo)
Bae, I just wanna do what you do (Like)
F**k your thots, I’m takin’ they spot (They spot)

B*tches know that I am what they not
I’ma help you get back at the opps (Grrah)
They cannot come when we spinnin’ they block (Grrah)
And I swear that you be on my mind (My mind)
Yeah, I’m lit, but for you, I make time (Make time)
Ni**as waitin’, you skippin’ the line (Like)

I was debatin’ on making you mine (Grrah)
And you fly, I could tell by your belt
And you make with the cards you was dealt (You was dealt)
By my side, then you takin’ no L
He all like, “Damn, Ice, you makin’ me melt” (Grrah)
Got a man but I hope he don’t care (Care)
When I’m with him, I wish you was there

Takin’ that risk but he know I’m not scared (Like)
When he thinkin’ he know shit isn’t fair
Flexin’ together, I know we go better (Grrah)
We stay high, it don’t matter the weather (Grrah)
His bitches mad that he gettin’ me wetter (Grrah)
Damn, I ain’t felt this way in forever (Grrah)