Gang Baby - YoungBoy Never Broke Again Feat. Rojay MLP, Rjae & P Yungin

Gang BabyYoungBoy Never Broke Again Feat. Rojay MLP, Rjae & P Yungin

Quotable Lyrics:
Dirty cutter, I get caught with it, state property
Gang baby, I was locked down up in Lake Providence
Fresh out the pen’, lead in that pen, you could ride to this
Real gun smoke, them ni**as know they hide from this
Huh, I wet the whole Chevelle, been on they trail

B*tch, you better not tell, I got sh*t for sell
Plus I got some sh*t that ring your bell
Say it won’t never fail
That package that I sеnt, handle with care
Put that on the scalе, need a whole bunch of tape to wrap a bale

Uh, f**k that sh*t, f**k that sh*t, I’m up now
Ayy, I heard them ni**as out here watchin’ cause I’m on now
Uh, they heard I got that dope so now they tappin’ phones now
Uh, they see that paper so they won’t leave me alone now
F**k it though

F**k the feds, I’ma be the one that’s gon’ kick down your door
You can’t hear me when I’m creepin’ cause I’m on my tippy toes
This forty leave you stiffer than a f**ked h*e
All we inhale is gun smoke, watch action from the front row, yeah