FYN - Rema Feat. AJ Tracey

FYNRema Feat. AJ Tracey

Quotable Lyrics:
Wake up in the mornin’ then I cook up in the kitchen
Put some water in the cup, ice freezin’
Seein’ clips from last night intriguin’
I can’t remember that chick I was kissin’
Couldn’t even get her number
Hatin’ ass ni**as dem’ envy
When I dеy with their babe in the VIP loungе
It’s a young boy fresh P Star life
Seven zero P, yeah Star life
Me and my ni**as we dey chop life
Top noche models on my bed side
All white shoes dem’ Off-White
Chat nonsense to me I’ma go offline
Miami beach, chillin’ with the baddest b*tch
F**k her in the west, then I fly her to the south side