FYM - BlueBucksClan


Quotable Lyrics:
She say I only call late night, that’s when
I’m ‘posed to call (‘Posed to call)
Can’t talk about no money with me,
I got more than y’all (I got more than y’all)
Think I’m finna pull these Christians
out and get the Lord involved (Get the Lord involved)
You see my b*tch a ninety nine,
that’s her overall (That’s her overall)

Lot of hundred dollars, looking like
I hit the Powerball (Hundred dollars)
Why no fans ain’t coming to y’all show?
They ain’t supporting y’all (For the fans)
I heard y’all was in the club, but
I didn’t notice y’all (I didn’t see you)
I ain’t getting searched, told the homies,
“Let me hold ’em all” (Let me holds ’em all)
I done rolled more ‘Woods than a bowling ball
(Than a bowling ball)