Funk Flex #Freestyle197 - Roddy Ricch

Funk Flex #Freestyle197Roddy Ricch

Quotable Lyrics:
Make fifty million in the gamer chair
Don’t count the money ’cause I know it’s there
Don’t play with me, this sh*t ain’t fair
Carry it and bear it

Shit gettin’ scary
Rich, I’m very
Sunday with the Cherri
Whip all white, red guts, cherry on top
Guarantee they send my closet every thread you cop

Lot of you ni**as is lukewarm, but, none of you ni**as is hot
Went eleven weeks number one, b*tch, I came up with, “The Box”
Lot of horses in the engine, Forgies when a b*tch trot
Michael Jordan with the ball, Jay-Z with thе Roc

Got my mind from my mama
Got the hustle from pops
Ni**as want me to stop, so, I’ma keep on droppin’
Around thе mansion it’s a ostrich, I’m a trendin’ topic
My lil’ b*tch from out the yajects, drop off this deposit
Wrappin’ all these diamonds ’round my neck ’cause I’m a narcasist

My whip look like darkness
You got me like a cartridge
How the f**k you look at us and act like you don’t know we rich?
They say, “Yo’ b*tch be on my d*ck,” never find no h*e in me
I’m what I forward to be

B*tch, ain’t no recordin’ me
Out in Portugal, I don’t speak no Portuguese
But, she know get on her knees
I’m black Jesus in my city, ni**a
I was seein’ Ps way before the CDs, ni**a