Funk Flex #Freestyle195 - Lil Baby

Funk Flex #Freestyle195Lil Baby

Quotable Lyrics:
Cool lil’ shit, I’m diggin’ her skin complexion
Little do she know I’m next
Everybody ’round me ran up a M or better
I don’t really never got to flex
Too much goin’ on to be in my phone, for real
I don’t really never got to text

When I call, she gon’ come through
I’m who all of them run to
If we honest, I ain’t stunt you
Shit I go through, it’ll hunt you
Turn your man up, he wants that too

I’m just sayin’, you ain’t got to
Catch ’em playin’, we gon’ drop you
Wipe his nose, he better not, “Achoo”

You fall short, you know I got you
He’ll do it, I don’t doubt it
I won’t tell no one about it / New Music Release

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