Daylight - Vory Feat. Kanye West

F*ck Being FamousVory Feat. BEAM

Quotable Lyrics:
Ayy, these ni**as ain’t lit like you think they lit (Uh)
The count up is too legit (Get)
Got too much to do with this (Get)
Gotta learn how to move with this

Out in Miami at Tootsie’s and I’m throwin’ twos and sh*t, I’m too legit
I’m out in [?] with [Lincoln?] and Aly
Ain’t new to this, we used to this, ah
Know it’s real when I’m really who I say I am

Ayy, lately sh*t been deeper, it’s been deeper than the fam
Ayy, lately thoughts been crowded, too much sh*t up on my temp (Ayy)
I been keepin’ it cool ’cause they know I been gettin’ (Ayy, ayy)

All-star money
All-star moves, all-star boof (Get)
Keep it a hunnid, woo-woo, I never been one to make rules (Get)
Ayy, I’m splittin’ the bands in two, I’m doin’ the most, it’s oof