Free Melly - YNW BSlime ft. DC The Don

Free MellyYNW BSlime ft. DC The Don

Quotable Lyrics:
Make it, yeah, they always told me I would make it
And it feel like The Matrix, ’cause the way that they all be faking
And I ride with a hundred rounds, ’cause I know they tryna take me
And we finna gun ’em down if that boy ever try to play me

Yeah, it’s sad, the industry making me mad
And I told my brother yesterday, he the best friend I ever had
Man, I’m glad, yeah, I’m glad for you
Man, I’m glad, yeah, I’m glad for you

Yeah, glad thе boys who really made it out
Stack this cheddar, makе my brother proud
Watch out for the snake ni**as, they gon’ talk about you when you not around
And that’s factual, they be cappin’ bro, can’t let them get past me though
New crib when I blow up, I’m feeling too real, finna go up