“FREE JUJU” by Mozzy is a poignant testament layered with raw emotion and street storytelling. The track has been well-received, and the music video, directed by Suzy, adds a visual dimension to the message conveyed in the song. The track resonates with heartfelt sincerity as Mozzy pours his soul into evocative verses, painting vivid narratives about the harsh realities of street life and the yearning for freedom.

The track’s significance lies in its advocacy for Juju’s freedom, and it adds to Mozzy’s body of work, showcasing his commitment to addressing real-life issues through his music. The song’s evocative beats and Mozzy’s impassioned delivery create a compelling atmosphere, inviting listeners into a world where the struggle for liberation and the weight of incarceration are keenly felt. “FREE JUJU” stands as a powerful tribute, showcasing Mozzy’s ability to intertwine personal experiences with societal commentary in his music. / New Music Release

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