Megan Thee Stallion

Freaky Girls – Megan Thee Stallion Feat. SZA

Quotable Lyrics: Freaky Girls – Megan Thee Stallion Feat. SZA

I’ma be your freak any time or place, any day of the week
Said I’ma let you hit it, I ain’t scared, I ain’t shy, it’s cool with me
I’m lookin’ for a thug who ain’t scared of the pussy with a gangster lean
If you pull up and a ni**a talkin’ tough, better freak like me, yeah

Freaky b*tch, I do this, suck it like I’m toothless
Your old bitch can’t f*ck with me, you ain’t teachin’ me no new sh*t
Do you know who you dealin’ with? Ain’t convicted, but killin’ sh*t
Caught a jet just to buy a car, I’m the flyest b*tch on the dealership
Long legs, he intimated, Amazon, I’m elevated

Lil’ people make lil’ people, stallions breed prize babies
Eat it up for a while, baby, buck on it, I’m wild, baby
I ain’t scared, let’s take it there, I knew you was a crybaby
Bust that pu**y wide, let him adventure inside
If my pu**y was a beach, he get swept up by the tide
Any nigga I let hit it, they know Stalli is a vibe
If I wasn’t such a player, probably be somebody’s wife