For No Reason - Kodak Black

For No ReasonKodak Black

Quotable Lyrics:
Slidin’ with the crosses on the window, bible on the dash
Gotta keep my feet down on a ni**a, or my foot off in your ass
In the Wraith on the interstate, flushes, I ain’t let up off the gas
B*tch actin’ too cool for the school, but she ain’t got no class
I turn up on a class, pill, by the way

Last night was mad real, by the way
Finally f**ker her, got her, put out a dub
But she finessed me out a bag, still
Don’t cap me nothin’ with your loveful, disrespectful b*tch
I’m up right and stayin’ fast (I’m deadass)
Deadass, whenever I catch ’em, I’ma stretch a check

I’m doin’ lil’ pu**y ni**a baths (Straight put on blast)
Everybody know who run the city, come catch him out the door
Something out the door went off the hinges
Ni**a, know this how I’m livin’, relentless
Savage, bring it, I ain’t runnin’ from the static
All of my h*es in love with the Patek, own it right

Really rich, ridin’ Double R, Rolls Royce
How I made both of ’em wear it around? I don’t know…