Football Heads - Maxo Kream Feat. Benny The Butcher,GREENER KNOTS - Maxo Kream Produced by Hit-Boy

Football HeadsMaxo Kream Feat. Benny The Butcher

Quotable Lyrics:
Call me Mr. Double Seals, vacuum sealed
Crops and fields, watch me mail ’em
Call me Maxo Dr. Phil
Takin’ pills, off depressants
Perky, seroquels

We called ’em football heads when we’d sell ’em
We was goin’ fed, movin’ football heads, call it [?]
Codeine by the lean-a
Pounds of gasoline-a, and Griselda
Servin’ with my nina

Cookin’ good Christina Aguilera
In the cherry-red Beamer, champagne 2-seater
Limo tint, John Cena
Maxo money make ya mitch

More like [?], I go Rambo, watch me kill you for them bricks
I keep the heater on my hip, love my nina, that’s my b*tch
Down to drill like O’Neill, she’ll kill you for them bricks
Monkey nuts, banana clips, go Harambe for them chips

Trappin’ ain’t dead, you snitch to feds but them feds won’t protect ya
Lettuce, bread, on your head, dead your mans, tell him “ketchup”
Pull up gunnin’, bullets flyin’ overheads like projectors
My flow vicious, every sentence overheads like projectors

Tookie Williams with my crippin’, overhead, boss lieutenant
Hit your block with them chops, let out shots, we gon’ spin it
Hit your block with ’em out, poppin’ tops, we gon’ cleanse it
Shoot up your house, with them Glocks, killin’ everybody in it