FOOT PRINTS - Boldy James, Cuns

FOOT PRINTSBoldy James, Cuns

Quotable Lyrics:
Ain’t a ni**a in my city that don’t know me for trapping
Ask that ni**a, “Did he have a Benz before he was rapping?”
I remember pushin’ yams, selling dope in the Saturn

Before I ever took an advance the Rollie was platinum
Shook hands with some ni**as that don’t know me from Adam
Took it and ran, next one on me fam, I owe you for that one

Bust-down Cubano bracelet on the wrist that I cooked with
To remind me of them grits and them zips and that good sip
Caught a fish and I hooked it, all the risks when we took trips
Ni**as stepped on the work so good left a footprint

Footprints in the sand, my Jesus walk with me
Yeah, it’s ConCreatures the fam, you know we all city (Ayy)
Talk to me, I talk back, now let’s talk about it (Uh-huh)
I turn your block to a blackboard and put some chalk around it
Where we at?