Flocky Flocky - Don Toliver Feat. Travis Scott,XSCAPE - Don Toliver

Flocky FlockyDon Toliver Feat. Travis Scott

Quotable Lyrics:
Tastin’ cotton candy, hit the gas, oh
I’m doin’ a hunnid, I ain’t see the dash, oh
I count my blessings, know I’m movin’ fast
I pull up there with M’s (Skrrt), I’m back on whenever
Caught that flight in the morning, a flight to New Orleans (Yeah)
I’ll be back in the morning (Yeah-yeah)
I’ll be back in the morning (Back in the morning)
She steady tweakin’ off whatever you call it (Tweak, tweak)
She flocky flocky on whatever you call it (Yeah)
Lil’ shawty slip, but I won’t leave ’til the morning