Flip A Switch - RAYE feat. Coi Leray

Flip A SwitchRAYE feat. Coi Leray

British-Ghanaian singer-songwriter Raye has released an energetic and catchy pop song remix of her single “Flip a Switch” featuring Coi Leray. “Flip A Switch” is an energetic and catchy pop song by RAYE featuring Coi Leray. The track features a bouncy beat and infectious hook, with the singers delivering confident and empowering vocals about taking control and flipping the script on their haters.

RAYE’s smooth vocals complement Coi Leray’s more aggressive and rap-influenced style, creating a dynamic and engaging duet. The song’s upbeat energy and positive message make it a perfect addition to any party or workout playlist. “Flip-a-Switch” is a standout single from Raye’s debut album “My 21st Century Blues,” which was released in February 2023. The remix was co-produced by Raye alongside Mike Sabath and Di Genius. The song is available to stream on all digital platforms.