Flewed Out (Alternative Video) - City Girls ft. Lil Baby

Flewed Out (Alternative Video) – City Girls ft. Lil Baby

Quotable Lyrics: Flewed Out  – City Girls ft. Lil Baby

Married to the streets, I can’t do forest
Know some rich ni**as that’d never make the Forbes list
Still, I’ll bust a move in some Jordans (Jordans)
Make ’em take their phone, I know she tryna record me
Flew her on the jet, I got chartered, yeah
Half a million, now a hundred my starter kit
Press a button on the whip and make it start up
Everybody trappin’ from the ‘partment to the corridor
I believe in God, not in karma (karma)
I ain’t f*ckin’ with these b*tches who just lookin’ for a comma (comma)
Seven figure ni**a, two commas (commas)
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