Up Off X - Yeat,Flawless - Yeat,Talk - Yeat


Quotable Lyrics:
Out here thuggin’, my boy
How many money chains you made, jit?
Shit, sixty-five, you heard me?

Hold on, what your money on your shoes for?
That mean I walk to the money

You know what I’m sayin’?
Money on my watch, that mean time is money
Money on my phone, that mean I talk to the money (Yeah)
Money on my chain, that mean the money hang with me (Oh, really?)
Money on my hat, that mean money on my mind

Money on my Kool-Aid, that mean my money sweet
Oh, yeah, G, what the-what is on your, uh, shades for?
Shades, that mean I see the money, you heard me?
Out here thuggin’, you feel me? Just chillin’

Sixty-five money chains on my neck, oh, yeah
Out here thuggin,’ you know what I’m saying? Chillin’
​sharedatb*tchlikeapizza, you heard me?

You don’t exist
Take a Perc’ in the Tonka, that’s it
Money swollen like cyst, huh
They done put faith in the kid, huh

Look at the Bentley Mulsanne in my hanger
The big body peel off the road, watch it spin (Woo)
I’m the one, got a million dollars
I doubled that sh*t, then I tripled again

Flawless, flawless, flawless,