Ocean Gold - NoCap ft. Internet Money,Save The Day - NoCap ft. Kodak Black

Flags To The SkyNoCap Feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Quotable Lyrics:
Flags to the sky, this for my BaBa, say I miss you
Hope you got your prayer beads, I been prayin’ for you, just know I’m with you
And I would lose it all, after everything we been through (Oh)
Anywhere we shoot it out, how the f**k can I just forget you? (Bap, bap, bap)
Double cup, I’m poured up

Spent two hundred K, I’m frozed up
Bless him with a fifty ball even though he ain’t never let me hold nothin’
Bangin’ real hard like a bounty hunter
Real right, sex, money, murder
Tryna split you, wish we gon’ zip the b*tch
We don’t never stop ’til we murk somethin’

You can have my heart whole
No, we don’t do no splittin’, like who you kiddin’?
You treatin’ me bad like I done done somethin’
Straight from my cell block, hot box in a Rolls
Where them birds out, it’s the safest
I done camped out where it was vacant
I done broke plenty hearts without a code