First Impression - Gucci Mane Feat. Yung Miami & Quavo

First ImpressionGucci Mane Feat. Yung Miami & Quavo

Quotable Lyrics:
You never get a second chance to make a first impression (Huh?)
We both know that you’re sexy, I can’t wait to get you naked (Well, damn)
You got my d*ck hard as the department of corrections (Wow)

So stop with all that flexin’, baby, b*tch, don’t miss your blessing (Woah)
You only get one chance to make the first impression (It’s Gucci)
I’m all in her intestines to make sure that she get the message (Go, go, go)

She let me hit it once and now she comin’ back for seconds (Mwah)
That pu**y broke the record, have you nuttin’ in sixty seconds (Uh, Miami, wow)

He wanna f**k for kicks and I can’t f**k if he cheap (Period, hol’ on)
Let a ni**a hit one time, now he buyin’ Patek Phillippe (Patek)
Rich ni**a, good d*ck, I gave him a** to eat (A** to eat)

Gucci purse and a Patek off of pu**y power, now that’s pushin’ P (Okay, okay)
Good credit, long hair, pretty skin, pu**y way better (That’s pushin’ P)
Cuban neck, diamonds wet, Fiji water, clit way wetter (That’s wet)

Give a ni**a thirty seconds, he’ll swear he a go-getter
Bet I leave a ni**a where he stand, City Girls, pop at Coachella (Period)
Ass sittin’ pretty, givin’ what it’s supposed to

Take a jet, buy a house, bad b*tch bein’ by coastal (Phew)
Private sets, quick to block a ni**a, if he ever ask me to post him (Block)
Project b*tch, if he ain’t got no Wraith, then I might ghost him (On God)