Finger Food - Rolling Loud, Rae Sremmurd, Duke Deuce

Finger FoodRolling Loud, Rae Sremmurd, Duke Deuce

Quotable Lyrics:
Pourin’ drank and smoke, I come in handy (Handy)
F**k it, blank out, new armored car like Humvee (Humvee, yeah)
Edible hoes (H*es) with me, they eye candy (Yeah)
All she wanna do is f**k on a sand beach
And woah (Woah)

Climb up in the DJ booth (Yeah, yeah, uh)
Stand up in that photo coupe (Huh?), huh? (Huh?)
Suck me ’til she lose her tooth (Talk, loose, loose, off)
Eat that bread up like it’s finger food (Ayy, food)

Bring more bottles, I’m on the stage
Shawty claustrophobic, she might faint (Faint, yeah)
B*tch, I’m high (High) in the stars (Stars)
I might run (Run) through the wall (Wall)

Area-51, I’m outer space (Yeah)
Need some more pockets, I’m out of space (Space)
B*tch, I’m high (Ooh), I see stars (Stars)
I might run from the laws (Woo), law (Yeah)

Stars in the roof but I’m on Mars
I put the b*tch top four (Four)
I’m on the roof, top floor (Floor)
Rippin’ them big boy toys

Couple bad h*es on the corner (Uh)
Pockets on ‘roids (‘Roids)
Ni**as ain’t makin’ no noise (Uh, mm), yeah / New Music Release

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