Fights Don't Matter - Drakeo The Ruler

Fights Don’t Matter – Drakeo The Ruler

Quotable Lyrics: Fights Don’t Matter – Drakeo The Ruler

I looked at my wrist two times and caught pneumonia
I hopped out the coupe with Nina Ross, she is a smoker
If you never had a shootout at the club, pass my blower (Smoov, what’s good, baby?)
I just beat a ni**a where the Neiman Marcus store at (Thank You Fizzle)
Walking on water, critics say that I’m icy, Saweetie

I just made him drop it like it’s hot with a mic on me
Ni**as starin’ at me like we cool, I’m not your friend
The plug told me seventeen a piece, I started Paisa dancin’
Mister big bank uchie face
Can I hit your cup? She got hit with the stupid face
This was back in my Gucci days
I turned to Jet Li and got blood on my Boosie fade