Fenty - Cokeboys Ft Nav & French Montana

FentyCokeboys Ft Nav & French Montana

Quotable Lyrics:
Six hundred fifty horses in my engine, I used to ride ’round on the ten speed
Addicted to buyin’ jewelry, I got VVS diamonds that hit like some Fenty (Bling)
In Turks and Caicos, rented out an island, we hoppin’ off boats to some jetskis (Let’s go)
My enemies talkin’ ’bout me, made me laugh ’cause it sound like a joke when they dead me

I like my women in flavors like I like my weed, need a strain, I’m designin’ the sea
Lookin’ for rats, I been sеttin’ up traps, had to make sure that no one gon’ comе for my cheese
Gold on my neck, sittin’ on a new tee, when I drop a single, it go platinum at least
Playin’ my role, but when it’s time to go, I know everybody gonna listen to me

Drop a bag and they gon’ hit ’em for me, but they’ll do it for free
Put my finger, they gon’ get him for me, homicide unit gon’ pick up the pieces
Already blessed with, don’t give me your blessings, I’m sippin’ on syrup, I ain’t ever gon’ sneeze
All of my steppers gon’ step up for me, like a Super Soaker, hit him, drench up his teeth

Got a disease, I been rollin’ off E, they gon’ check if I breathe anytime that I sleep
Seen a lil’ boy that was talkin’ ’bout me, made him kiss my ring, he almost kneeled to my feet
Postin’ ’bout me on the ‘Gram is gettin’ out of hand, I know this victim is miskeen
Gotta protect the bag at all times, everybody leavin’ when I wanna leave