Feel The Power - Big E Feat. Wale & DJ Money

Feel The PowerBig E Feat. Wale & DJ Money

Quotable Lyrics:

W’y’all wanna go big?
Then say that! Ho!

Yeah, boy!
We doin’ big things
Big belts, big rings
Bigger than you ever seen
Big as big could ever be
So big, better beg for peace
Pipe down, might wanna wake the beast
Is that my name coming out your mouth?

Better watch what you say about me
And my name running through the streets
Words that are wise, words to survive
Word on the street, I am the reason
You can see the look in my eyes
I have arrived, eyes on the prize
You are not leaving alive
I am the truth, you’re a lie
Diamonds are dancing on the watch
Yeah, I’mma shine all the time
I do it big!