Feel It In The Air - Cordae

Feel It In The AirCordae

Quotable Lyrics:
Fuck this industry I’m currently a part of, everybody is fake
Ulterior motives, they’ll lie in your face
I seen friends turn to enemies, become distant memories
Everybody’s janky, they just not who they pretend to be (Nah)
I’m tryna find my way out this production deal

Stupid me, young and dumb, I thought the love was real
Man, I don’t even go outside without touchin’ steel
One bad decision and I can gеt my muffin peeled
I know a couple niggas probably had they glassеs filled
I’m sorry, I don’t make music for the mass appeal

New crib got six baths, no Jack and Jill
But fuck the braggatory raps, boy, this shit get real
Never mind, I could tell you some shit with clever rhymes
But this year I thought of killin’ myself like seven times
And that ain’t normal, and fuck all that keepin’ shit formal
It felt like yesterday, when we was eatin’ DiGiorno’s

And mama ain’t have no internet to watch porno
So I ain’t have shit to do, but write inside my journal
And that’s why you can feel this pain I’m feelin’
I’m still renegotiatin’ shit with James McMillan
Negotiations ain’t gettin’ no further

I’m a boss nigga, never a worker, not a soft nigga, just an observer
Fuck the industry and fuck all my enemies
It’s crazy, but we asked for all this shit, nigga, didn’t we? (Yeah)
I wouldn’t change a damn thing, except for all the snake shit (Uh)
Except for all the contracts, except for all the fake shit (For real)
Except for all the people I showed genuine love to

Just spat in my face, know that I still love you (Haha)
Nah, fuck ’em, I am not that evolved
But if you ever got a problem, we can lock in a call
They say I’m at the Benz dealership, nigga, how you shop at the mall?
But still none of my problems is solved

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