Feel Good - NBA Youngboy

Feel GoodNBA Youngboy

Quotable Lyrics:
Look out, Veno
This sh*t gon’ be crazy, Jacc
Veno gon’ cook up, he mix the ingredients

Hol’ up, ’cause this might make the news
I just pulled up real rude
At the house, I’m boolin’ cool
And, I got on Jimmy Choo
She say, “Make me feel good,” she like what I do, mm

Gucci socks and Dior flops, tennis chain, no Cuban links
I got power wit’ this .50 Glock
Make you take off all your Cuban links

Jump out, pop out, let off shots, I don’t usually think, nah, nah
Barely know her but she think that I buy her anything, hell nah
Bend her over I see what her tail ’bout and I speed up
Domestic, you think I treat her the way that pu**y get beat up

Dance around like Raven (Huh), you my cheetah
Like when I let her stay in here, she can kick her feet up
Clutchin’ 30s, Perkies got her workin’, she’s a 30 popper
Caught up surfin’, I know how to work it, we gon’ murder ’bout it

I’m a problem, I got plenty bodies and they know about it
What’s the problem? throwin’ ’round your body make me show your body
Ooh, blood on my shoes
Just be cool, I say, “This might make the news”
You like what I do, she told me I’m smooth, mm

Enjoyin’ this money, kick back, build a patio on top the roof
No “Pat-a-Cake,” I’m Babe Ruth, hittin’ it for the home run
Go ask ’em, b*tch, I’m paid too, and you know I own somethin’

Richard Mille around your arm do all stuntin’ on these h*es
Four, three coupes, I been the truth for who ain’t know, be cool