Vampire - 2 Chainz

Feel A Way – 2 Chainz Feat. Kanye West & Brent Faiyaz

Quotable Lyrics: Feel A Way – 2 Chainz Feat. Kanye West, Brent Faiyaz

Needed somethin’ wavy to get my point across (Yeah)
I work for myself so I guess I work for a boss
Look up at the scoreboard and tell you who took the loss
Aim it at your Adam’s apple, turn it to apple sauce
El captain turned Peter’s street into a Motorcross (Skrrt)
Last one with Def Jam but I’m still goin’ off (I’m still goin’ off)
And it ain’t about my masters, I’vе been ownin’ mine
Had the wifey mad at mе ’cause I know Farrakhan (Boom)

And you know this is a hit, Barry Bonds
And my shawty gonna ride me like a Peloton (Ride)
Sophomore year I sold more crack than a windshield (Shit)
Dunk contest, jump over Lam’ and did a windmill (Jump)
They ask me how I feel, I told ’em, “Never better” (Better)
Smokin’ on opp, I roll more L’s than Peli Peli
I stay fly, yes I’m fly, land on Mike Pence
I do some stupid shit, don’t let ’em dawg me like Mike Vick / New Music Release

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