Father's Day - KOTA The Friend

Father’s DayKOTA The Friend

Quotable Lyrics:
I hit the beach
Played ball and sweated out all that bullsh*t under the palm trees
Today, I ain’t taking sh*t from no b*tch
Over here, we is focused, over here, where the growth is

I’m the best dad ever, ho
F**k what you say, my babies already said it so
I’m the scum of the planet as far as Reddit go
Sheep ni**as is everywhere, but I get it, though

I give my baby all the love that I didn’t get
Ain’t a single day of living that it isn’t said
I love you for no reason, and I’m always proud

Whether you winning or losing, I’m gratеful you’re my child
Say it and I say it loud I’m not your bank, b*tch

Even though that’s what you said, right?
Peoplе really think they know the half of what your life like
Imagine your enemies was in charge of all your highlights
Like you could spend a minute in this limelight

Happy Father’s Day to my ni**as
I hope that today you gon’ get love
I hope that she pay when that bill comes
Happy Father’s Day to my ni**as