Faster - Lil Tecca

FasterLil Tecca

Quotable Lyrics:
Faster (Why you playin’ faster?), yeah, uh (Playin’ faster)
I know that you drinkin’ and thinkin’
Girl, why you movin’ faster? (Slow down, watch yourself, babe), yeah
You don’t gotta live with this feelin’, so shawty, come do better

My vibe, I could keep your head up
I got mine, got no vendetta
Long clip, I don’t need no tether (Oh, oh-oh)
If you waste my time, I might need extra

I see they still tryna catch up with us (Oh, oh-oh)
Oh, why they can’t catch us?
All these b*tches, they be askin’ questions (Oh, oh-oh)
I ain’t no professor

Throw that body in my Benz, I got Molly in my lens
I might link up with some ten’s
Hold up, let me call my friends

If my gang win, then I win
If I win, then my gang win
I need cash when I make ends
And I need checks when I make M’s

My sh*t pays, but they gon’ copy
I told her, “Chill,” but she wan’ top me
You are not accomplished, please don’t try me
I guess that’s some he’ll figure, Tommy

I’m with the gang, not with the posse
You was a lame then you not around me
I got a prize, you got a bounty
I was the one who runnin’ the county (County)

Things change when you gettin’ your cake up (Oh, oh)
‘Member when they said you changed up
’cause you not doin’ favors (Oh, oh)
I don’t even wanna link no-one,

I don’t even wan’ say none (Oh, oh yeah)
All of this sh*t, yeah, I been doin’
and they chose not to say none (Oh, oh yeah)
Oh, now you livin’ / New Music Release

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