Frequently Asked Questions- Faq about WavWax

Our FAQ about WavWax are updated frequently. With that being said, when you ask a question or contact us, we use your questions here to help other people who may have the same idea or even the same questions. Thus: we update often, so please contact us with your questions if they don’t appear here.

What or Who is WavWax?

WavWax is a growing platform that was made by Artists, for Artists and Fans. With, You will be able to checkout the Latest Remixes, Live Performance, Videos and other Exclusive material, directly from the Artists to the audiences!

How often do we update the site?

That's a great question…LOL. We attempt to update the site as often as we receive new content, but it varies. So let's just say very often in our humble attempt to be diligent.

Is WavWax free for both Artists and Listeners?

Yes, WavWax is a promotional tool. It's free for Artists, Listeners, Fans, and Executives etc. to visit the site, search and listen to their favorite artists and also discover new up and coming artists. With that being said, there is a charge to promote and add your music to our site. Please see our submission page.

How does WavWax help me get my music heard?

WavWax actively “presents” your music to listeners and fans who are a part of our growing network. We have a modest social network following and growing daily.

I’m signed with a record label. Can I Submit my music?

Yes, absolutely! Unless your record label prohibits you from promoting yourself. WavWax is a promotional tool, to further your ability in getting noticed and heard and building a solid fan base.

Who is WavWax’s target audience for listeners? What age range and how will you recruit listeners?

To start, our target audience is everyone!... 0k 15 - and older. However, we are a growing platform for all musical talents and all artists.

What kinds of rights are artists signing away by promoting their music to the WavWax platform? Does WavWax have the authority to use anything without an artist’s consent?

You as an artist/songwriter/producer keep all of your rights to your music and can take it down at any time you want. WavWax does not have ANY “authority” to use your music without your consent and does not claim any rights to your music. With WavWax, you have full control of your music including all your rights, we're here to offer an avenue furthering your ability in getting noticed and heard…Please Read Our "Terms and Condition".

Who can use the platform / Does my music fit in?

We're here for everyone. We want all genres on our platform, regardless if you’re an up and coming, unsigned artist or a well-known, famous artist with a following. Anyone who wants to expand their fanbase and let their music find new listeners can use WavWax.

How often do we add new artists content?

We add new artist's projects as often as we receive them once the proper information is completed. Afterward, we add their content to the site and funnel their projects to all of our active social networks.

How many songs / videos should I Submit?

We are limiting submissions to once a week per project or artists. We have a very small staff as of now, and we want to give each submission careful consideration before we add or decline to add to our platform. SPAM will not be tolerated. Any attempts at flooding our systems will lead to disqualification and banned accounts. Please be considerate. Thank You...

What format do I upload?

You must first add your project (Song / Album) to a media management platform such as iTunes, Amazon, SoundCloud, AudioMack, Google Music, etc. in which, that link along with the artwork must be sent to us. Videos must first be added to YouTube or Vevo and that link sent to us. Please see our submission page for more information.

How do we contact you?

Contacting us is fairly simple. Go to our Contact Us page, fill out and submit a form including a general idea of what you're contacting us about along with your question(s). Considering the number of questions we have ahead of yours, someone from our staff will contact you as soon as possible.

How long does my music stay on the site?

With technology changing and expanding every day along with our site, we don’t have any idea how long your music will stay on the site. Along with an artist submission, we can also add a profile with information about the artist such as social networking and purchase platforms to our site. Although our intentions are to purge the site once a year for new music content, your profile should stay on our site for as long as we can sustain the profile.

Why does the same artwork repeat on the site?

Some artists submit more than one song per album and they also use the same artwork, so some of the artwork will repeat. You can highlight the artwork and see the artist's name and song title for that particular project.