Fantastic - Tyga


Quotable Lyrics:
Honey buns poppin’ out the plastic, stretched like elastic
Just took a thizz and I feel fantastic
The pu**y was great, I’m just bein’ sarcastic
Hungry for the money, I’m a f**kin’ fat bastard

Reebok that beat, I’m just tryna make a classic
Dressed in Prada and I look fantastic
Flippin’ that b*tch, she don’t know gymnastics
We gon’ make it nasty, feels fantastic

Is them titties real? ‘Cause they feel like plastic
Ashin’ out the blunt with a b*tch named Ashley
Run up on me wrong, put you in a casket
Turn you to a ghost, bring you back, Black magic
B*tch be suckin’ me off like Maggie
Hit me on the ‘Gram and she said, “Send the addy”
I replied, “Gladly”

Uber in the navi’
And you know my еx-b*tch can’t get past me
Thumpin’ the trunk, gеt you slumped in a dump, yeah
Hump in the pump and I c*m on her tongue, yeah
Her ex was a chump and I let her have fun, yeah
I don’t give her time, rather be with my son, yeah

Walkin’ on me (Me), she my lil’ stink (Stink)
F**kin’ for hours (Hours), I’m off the zinc (Zinc)
Sippin’ my drink (Drink), f**k what you think (Think)
Fingers in her pu**y, big pinky ring