She Want Some More - Internet Money Feat. Ken Carson & Lil Tecca

FalsettoInternet Money Feat. Lil Tecca

Quotable Lyrics:
I saw you, I saw you, I want you, I want you
She told me to come through
You runnin’ around, you lucky, you lucky
You want me, you want me
(Census, what you cookin’?)

I saw you, I saw you, I want you, I want you
She told me to come through, yeah, but I couldn’t dub you
All the h*es on my phone think I’m comin’
My dad told me, “Do not fall in love,” and
Turn it up when we walk in the function
Owe me money, I don’t want deductions

In my life, I be good for a while, I know (I know)
I know they gon’ follow, yeah (I know)
My swag, they gon’ borrow, yeah (I know)
I brag, I get in my mode

She beat it, singin’, I falsetto
I cannot think that I feel settled
She ride with me while I count my dough
My dad told me, “Don’t love no h*e” (No)

I’m startin’ to rack attack on ’em
Talkin’ money, might back out stacks on ’em
And she know I’m a hundred like I’m Hunna
You not drippin’ my language like I’m Wunna
Went to turn up in Vegas like I’m Stunna

Oh, he think he on top? Then put ’em under
I’ma beat up the pack like I’m a drummer
And my h*es, they go dumb, my money dumber
Oh, she think she can take it? She a runner
All my ni**as on top, oh, you ain’t from there

I don’t know why they talkin’, ni**a, shut up
Know they hyped, get a baddie, shoot the club up
Two in one like I’m Jackie and I’m Tucker
Got my meds in the fridge and in the cupboard
Yeah, my b*tch got the .40 when it’s covered
Not believin’ it when they say they love us