Fallen Blixkys - 22Gz

Fallen Blixkys – 22Gz

Quotable Lyrics: Fallen Blixkys – 22Gz

Long live Lou Blake, RIP Lil’ Pint
Gang-gang that’s blixkys, (gang-gang that’s blixkys)
Spin through two sticks, hi-tec and a sprite
Shit gon’ get sticky, (sh*t gon’ get sticky)
Woke up, no mask, get tagged up
Spinnin’ with Talibans, Twirlers and Shiggys (Bah, bah-bah, bah-bah, bah-bah)
Face shot, they can’t open the casket
Shooter gon’ spray to the blizzy (Spray to the blizzy)

Ni**as ain’t active, dissin’ on songs so we whack ’em
Now look who laughin’ (Gang, gang, gang)
Spinnin’ this stollie, hop out the car with the ratchet hoes into fashion (Skrr, skrr, skrr, skrr)
That boy just a rapper, catch him in traffic
Won’t get pass if he lackin’ (Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah)
Backdoor for the backend, they left him gaspin’
Brodie a shooter like dragic (Gang, gang, gang)