FAITHFUL - Macklemore feat. NLE Choppa

FAITHFULMacklemore feat. NLE Choppa

Quotable Lyrics:
Can’t call it, don’t know where my head is
Reflectin’ on Malcolm and the sh*t I thought, but never said it
To Peter, Robin, to Kevin, all my other friendships
That could havе, would have, should have, and then thеy ended
I isolate between happiness and hopeless

Know what makes it worse? Still wanna get loaded
Sometimes I feel like can’t control my choices
And something takes over and I can’t turn off the voices
Sittin’ with these thoughts, can’t escape ’em, can’t run
Got some bullets in the dresser as I polish my gun

They say a day clean is a day won
But I’m holdin’ on, prayin’ to a god abandoned
Zonin’ on the couch, starin’ at my daughters
Know there’s a pill in this house that I’m obssessin’ about poppin’
Reservations talkin’, the push and pull of the conscience

Should probably pick up the phone and call my sponsor, but don’t wanna
When the Percs don’t work, Xannies won’t calm me down
Not enough liquor in the bar, weed growin’ in the ground
Trapped by these walls where my brain can’t get out
Wonderin’ if my mama have to put her son in the ground

We still goin’ when the day break
Me and the homies on the same page
Find me in the whip, that’s my safe place
Feel like I’m gettin’ weak, I need some AA
Need someone to pray for my soul right now

Everything’s looking gray and there’s no white clouds
I don’t know what to say, I got nothin’ to write down
On my knees questioning God like, “Why now?”
I’m lost, but I’m found again