FACE - Doodie Lo

FACEDoodie Lo

Quotable Lyrics:
Bring your face here, ni**a, b*tch, we need that (Boom)
New opps, where the weed at? (Weed)
Them ni**as tellin’, tryna plead (Huh?)
I be still up in the trap, I gotta feed my kids (Yeah)
I be feelin’ all the karma from the sh*t I did (I did)

They say I put that money on his head (Huh?)
F**k him, sh*t that ni**a dead (Yeah)
You heard what that ni**a said (Said)
Damn, they hit him in his head (Boom, boom)

He probably workin’ for the Feds (For the Feds)
Spin again until he dead (Spin, spin)
Damn, then ni**as evil, overkill (Gang)
He already dead (Boom, boom)

He got a hole in his head (Boom),
damn, he leakin’ out his brains (Damn)
Cold case, they ain’t catch nobody but you gave a name
Sh*t, I was hittin’ major stains

Bald head, major pain (Major pain)
Magic City, make it rain (Make it rain)
She let me f**k, don’t know her name
I be rappin’ but got P’s on the low (Go)

You better ease on that snow
‘Fore I sneeze and they blow (Shit)
Who the f**k done let the G’s in the door? (Yeah)
Them ni**as thieves and they broke (Goofy)
Off the Codeine but I’m woke, yeah (For real)

Sh*t, I’m really thirsty
I wanna hurt him, I wanna murk him (Murk him)
He full of Perc, they ride in hearses
Up in these bushes, b*tch, we is lurkin’

I want his face, get him gone today
Feel real good ridin’ through the A
These ni**as lyin’, they Twitter fake
Knock his top off, it’s a toupee, let’s get it (Gang, gang)