Excuse My Pain - J.I.

Excuse My Pain – J.I.

Quotable Lyrics: Excuse My Pain – J.I.

Ooh-woah, ooh-woah
Ooh-woah, ooh-woah
Hmm-hmm-hmm, hmm-hmm-hmm
Lemme talk my sh*t (Yeah)
‘Cause, nobody talk it like I do
I’m a boss so when I speak, nobody talkin’ when I do
I’m a big stepper, way I walk keep fuckin’ up my shoes
No religion where I’m from but they got faith in the way I move

‘Cause I’m an evil ni**a, I deserve to die in pain
And my heart so cold, I got frostbite inside my veins
I can’t see no evil, I put tints inside my frames
I’m in a world so cold, please excuse me for this pain