Everybody Shooters Too - EST Gee & 42 Dugg

Everybody Shooters TooEST Gee & 42 Dugg

Quotable Lyrics:
Everybody shooters too
We can’t be into it if I ain’t shoot at you
(Enrgy made this one)

I’m who all the gangsta young thug ni**as look up to
I’m who all the opps and robbers plot on tryin’ do it to
I’m who all the project and the model h*es wanna do it to
She put it on her head and twist her hands like the screw was loose
You talk like you bulletproof, we all really know the truth
They know we the reason for them candlelight visuals

Ni**as can’t be serious, they funny
He think he the big dog on his block ’cause he got money
Last one got out of line, went against the guys, got punished
Meanwhile, I’m thuggin’, pulling pounds out of luggage
Sold it in Kentucky, but I purchased it a number
Sevens for one-twenty, for a QP, nineteen hunnid’

You found out you can hustle, you a killer all a sudden
Sometimes I wish I could’ve left with Red, God made me suffer
But pressure made me tougher, when it’s smoke, I don’t be duckin’
You see me out in public with it out, I never tuck it
They say it’s all or nothing