Keep Comin' Back - Blxst,Fake Love In LA - Blxst Feat. Arin Ray

Every Good GirlBlxst

Quotable Lyrics:
Every good girl (Every good girl), need a savage (Need a savage)
They say opposites attract, we can balance
I know whoever slept on you, couldn’t manage
But I can blow a check on you, take advantage

Ayy, she a good girl (Good girl), but the baddest
And whoever told you different, they was cappin’
I know whoever slept on you couldn’t manage
That’s ’cause you inside a different type of bag, yeah

I would be wrong if I didn’t give credit where it’s due, yeah (Yeah, yeah)
You sеt the tone for thesе b*tches, but you never woulda knew, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh
If only you knew, you’d do better, ayy
They better put some more respect on your level, yeah

It’s something ’bout you
Bet they can’t put you on a pedestal, I’m ’bout to
I’m tryna slide on lil’ baby like a house shoe
Give me the greenlight when you need a round a two

It can go down, ooh, I can show you how to (Oh)
If you keep me waitin’, no mistakin’, I’ll be patient, baby, I salute it (Yeah)
‘Cause I don’t hesitate to tell you how I’m thinkin’, ain’t no cap included