Energy - Ace Hood

EnergyAce Hood

Quotable Lyrics:
Ooh, Blessed and abundant
Look who raised in the dungeon
Still come through with a clutch and
I’m that dime in a dozen
Pulling up clean to the function

Ni**as mislead with assumptions
Gotta stay clean from the grudges
Ni**as getting way to comfy

Hands up the king is here, my arrival is right on time
And if you do not mind I’d like a glass of [?] wine
I’m with a queen finna get offline, wait scratch that
I’m fly like the jet-lag

I’m proof and a fact that you can rise from the setback
No room for the chit-chat
With a flow like this sh*t hit with a impact
How he do it I don’t get that?

He a father, artist, man and a good dad
Real ni**a to the core and I meant that
Ten toes when I’m on you offended, sorry
I done made peace with deposits

Spending my days in the silence
I can hear a voice, I can hear the voice to the Goddess
And you gotta watch your surroundings