Dragon Fire - Wu-Tang Clan, R.A The Rugged Man ft. Kool G Rap

Dragon FireWu-Tang Clan, R.A The Rugged Man ft. Kool G Rap

Quotable Lyrics:
Yo, we got killer Glocks, loaded up with killer shots
To killer cops, playin’ the block with killer rocks
High-voltage guns that let off kilowatts
Big Cee-Lo games that only got killer knots

Nothin’ but killers in here that’ll straight kill your career
The bullshit is killin’ my ears
Kill a red carpet, geared to kill a premiere
This is Ghostface Killah, no killer would dare
Killer fashion, watch how I kill ’em with rolls

With the classic Wallabees with the colorful soles
My killer actions leave fake killers exposed
There’s no relaxin’ when you see my killers on patrol
We got killers on parole that’s real ill since Bill Bill

That’ll fuck around and kill Bill
Born in the killer Stapletown thriller
Ghostface Killah, yo, it only get realer

Wu-Tang! Wu-Tang! Wu-Tang! Wu-Tang!

Once upon a time, we was labeled the murder capital
Ear wide velour, FILA suit with the cable
Do or die, kill or be killed, streets are murder
Ninja mask, killers on bikes, get your man lift
Sock on the toe of the Bally for the gearshift

Adrenaline pump the pulse, killer instinct
Trigger finger start to itch, my bad eye twitch
Cut from the fabric of the raw lyric
These are the rules, got a fam of killers that don’t snitch
Quiet killers like carbon monoxide when doves cry

Masta Killa mic assassin, you all die
Slow, I move in silence, you won’t hear a peep
Killers that’ll kill you for real in one heartbeat
Slid to get y’all weak, we kill concrete
Spin it back and catch the beat, I squeeze mic heat
Heh, I squeeze my heat

Wu-Tang! Wu-Tang! Wu-Tang! Wu-Tang!
R.A.! The-The-The Rugged Man!
Wu-Tang! Wu-Tang! Wu-Tang! Wu-Tang!
Why me? Wanna fight me? Try me
Every record label sucks dick