Down In Atlanta - Pharrell Williams, Travis Scott

Down In AtlantaPharrell Williams, Travis Scott

Quotable Lyrics:
Down in Atlanta
Stay at the Centerfold
Downstairs my Aventador
You should’ve seen it
Down in Atlanta

At the Graveyard Tavern
You thought you seen a ghost
It’s just where the Phantoms are
Shawty thicker than Kevlar (Yeah)
It’s wall to wall

Feel the heat through my drawers
I told shawty to bring the wave
You know life’s a beach
She said, “Life’s a b*tch”
Let’s hit Magic City

Watch ’em fly from the sky
While we line up the wall
Like confetti, how it falls
Let ’em leave with it all

We ain’t never been this high
The city big, feeling small
Keep me wakе, never off
404 when you—