Down Bad - Hitmaka, Fabolous & Jeremih

Down BadHitmaka, Fabolous & Jeremih

Quotable Lyrics:

Who died and made you flawless?
Thank God He gave you all this
New school with all this knowledge
When did you drop out of college?

Yeah, street b*tch but you so polished
Rude talk but baby, I’m honest
Me not understand how you so blessed

Way your body wind in that sundress
All them other girls cannot contest
Still tryna get you out my head

You got me F**ked up
Love drunk Down bad
Too much You got me F**ked up
Love drunk Down bad Too much

This summer, I’ma summer like never before
Had a lot of rainy days but I weathered the storm
How you know if he adore if he never Dior?

Yeah, these h*es for everybody, yeah, they never was yours
Yeah, being up’s good but I’ve been down bad
Yeah, I look like new money but I’ve been round bags

Tell her throw me in the game like an inbound pass
‘Cause I know you like to ball with your big round ass
And I know that you can’t wait to hit a pool party

Come to your old spot with a new body
Vibes at the house with the Bluetooth shawty
We did what we did, now what it do, shawty?