Doubted Me - Kaash Paige

Doubted MeKaash Paige

Quotable Lyrics:
They doubted me, I’ma be the biggest thing they ever seen
See my name in flashin’ lights and cover magazines (Yeah)

Do it for the real ones and I do this for my team (Ooh)
They want me to fall off so bad, so bad (Yeah)
I don’t know what drugs you had, you had

Born winner, Saint Laurent sinner
Heated fallouts so this gon’ be a cold winter (Yeah)
I check my call log, not answerin’ no ass kissers
I get my bars off, and then I shoot my last missile

Pew, pew, pew, watch me shoot at you
Penthouse at the top, forty floors, check out the view (Yeah)
All glass, at night, look like we f**kin’ on the moon (Moon)
Woah-oh, oh