Double Fantasy - The Weeknd ft. Future

Double FantasyThe Weeknd ft. Future

“Double Fantasy” is a collaboration between Canadian artist The Weeknd and American artist Future. The song features a moody, atmospheric beat and haunting vocals from The Weeknd, as he sings about a tumultuous relationship. Future delivers a verse that complements the song’s melancholic tone, adding his own reflections on love and heartbreak. The track is part of the soundtrack for The Weeknd’s upcoming HBO series, The Idol. The song was produced by The Weeknd, Mike Dean, and Metro Boomin.

“Double Fantasy” is a standout track from The Weeknd and showcases his ability to blend various genres, including R&B and trap, while maintaining his signature style. The song is a must-listen for fans of The Weeknd and Future, and has earned praise for its emotional depth and sonic textures.