Doo Wop freestyle - DaBaby

Doo Wop freestyleDaBaby

Quotable Lyrics:
I’ma keep it pimping with you
I like what you do but it ain’t for me
I prefer the simple women
She got it from you
I got it for free

I was probably hitting it different
Yeah, you gotta be careful
Most of these women they want the same thing
Wanna take selfies in the Maybach

Wanna ride ’round drinking champagne, yeah
’boutta be tapped back into my campaign

one thang about it want let play me like no damn lame
And girl, you know you gotta watch these ni**as
ni**as don’t be knowing sh*t

These ni**as be tricks, paying for pu**y
These ni**as be over with
I’ma drop a mixtape and make the world stop like covid did
Amex the credit cards and the hunnids blue like Hova kid
Yeah, my woman on deep sh*t with G sh*t, she like Lauryn Hill

Not the kind
I was out here putting it down for my team, I couldn’t afford
The same people I was hustling for
I know
I been chose myself too many times to be in my feelings ’bout it
As long as my daughters and nieces happy