Don't Take Your Love - DVSN

Don’t Take Your LoveDVSN

Quotable Lyrics:
Why didn’t I just listen? (That)
Why you said you needed me the most, I just went missin’?
Why didn’t I pay attention to my intuition? (That)
Because I know you, I know you, I know you and

I can feel you slippin’ (That)
Like that time you hinted
That ni**as got you on they hit list
Did you just think I missed it? (That)
I played that in my mind like thirty thousand times,

I just wasn’t bright
Why you bringin’ up other ni**as (That)
When I ain’t out here bringin’ up other b*tches?
Sorry, no other women
This is you and me sh*t

This is about treatment
This is mostly recent
So don’t you take, baby

(Don’t take your love from me)
I, I, I, I should’ve told you
I, I, I, I, I should’ve showed you (That)
Time and focus, but I didn’t
So I hope you (Don’t takе your love from me)
Oh, oh-oh

I, I, I, I know I chose you
And I wasn’t doing things I was supposеd to (That)
Girl, I’m beggin’ you, please, please
(Don’t take your love from me)
Oh, oh-oh, oh / New Music Release

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