Don't Rate Me - NBA Youngboy Feat. Quavo

Don’t Rate MeNBA Youngboy Feat. Quavo

Quotable Lyrics:
Pull up in it, they can’t afford this
Now check how I get it, they can’t record this (Yeah, yeah)
Put myself on top a brand new level, I just bought a bigger bezel
Got her, she’ll never leave me, know that I’ll never let her

Do re mi, that money come in purple and blue
Hold on, I had to tell ’em
Don’t rate me, it ain’t no limit to the things that I do
Now let me talk the blues

Thе head, I chop ’em, I could vision helicoptеrs
I’ma keep that Hell I caught you, inside green and slimy
Know I’m shinin’, but can’t count my pockets
They can’t stop me, I got the flu, it was sent to me
Know that they never could get to me
I got them out like an mini-me

Feelin’ the symphony, turnin’ his head to a centerpiece
Know they gon’ try to get rid of me
Vision is seen when I’m plannin’ on biddin’ me
Concrete body, they ain’t tippin’ me, tell ’em, “Try and see”
Millionaire, runnin’ for a B, they ain’t got more bread than me
Paid tuition fees, she bring the head to me
Got fire on my feet (Yeah)