Stella McCartney - Nav Feat. Future Produced by Wheezy

Don’t Need Friends – Nav Feat. Lil Baby Produced by Wheezy

Quotable Lyrics:

I don’t need friends
They don’t wanna see someone like me doin’ better than them
Still can’t believe it, I really got rich
Tell a b*tch or a hater to suck on my d*ck (Suck my d*ck)
Never give focus on hate I receive (Yeah)
I could achieve more than they could dream (Yeah)
I know they ain’t tough enough to be me (Yeah)
Makin’ money like magic, got tricks up my sleeve
Too many vibes, I brought sand to the beach
Tеst drive ’em all, but I don’t wanna keep
Pop me a X ‘causе I gotta get geeked
Talkin’ ’bout sleep, I get two days a week
They say they drippin’, I’m kissin’ my teeth
They burnin’ it out, ain’t no chrome left for me
When I was broke, I was feelin’ uneasy
Now I get paid and I’m feelin’ relieved