Don't Love Me Now - 2KBABY ft. charlieonnafriday

Don’t Love Me Now2KBABY ft. charlieonnafriday

Quotable Lyrics:
Don’t you worry ’bout me
I can carry myself now
‘Cause I got this on my own
So don’t you worry ’bout me
I’m so used to bein’ alone
It’s too late to come alone

So don’t love me now (Love her)
No, don’t love me now (Uh-oh)
Don’t love me now
I was just a ni**a in the O
Got money, now these b*tches on my elbow

Don’t love me now (Uh-oh)
So don’t love me now (Uh-oh)
Don’t love me now
Uh, they thought I was just another fellow
Just spent a hundred thousand right on Melrose
Don’t love me now

I was just invisible
Thought I wouldn’t be nothin’ and I’m bein’ litеral
We was the lil’ Gs, young, outside, livin’ critical
You bеst give up your keys, either way, we in your vehicle, yeah, yeah
We would make sh*t out the minimal, yeah, yeah

Cut a ni**a off if he violate the principal, yeah, yeah
We was young ni**as where I live, in love with violence
We tied in ’til today, every day, I think about it (Yeah, yeah)